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Meeting with a client to plan a program.

Meeting with a client to discuss a program

If you’re a member of the Virginia Tech faculty, you’ll experience these benefits:

  • Eligibility to earn direct pay up to 33 1/3 percent of your annual salary for non-credit instruction in CPE programs
  • Assistance developing competitive grant proposals
  • Facilitation of Technical Assistance Programs (TAPs), a Virginia Tech-approved consulting agreement that allows faculty members to use university resources
  • Generation of funds to support graduate students, business travel or discretionary use
  • Tracking of certification hours and provision of CEU transcripts
"CPE was exceptionally solicitous and anticipatory about our every need. What an exemplary service."
- Dr. R.F. Harshberger (Transportation Construction Management Institute)

Contact Continuing and Professional Education to help plan your next academic symposium, conference or workshop.


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